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The Pennsic 47 School of (European) Dance

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Come one, come all, and join with your friends to once again dance the days and nights away at the Pennsic War! We have many classes to sharpen your skills, and many balls to show them off at! Make new friends, learn a new dance or twelve, and most of all, have fun.


The Dean of Pennsic 47 Dance will be Dutchess Thyra Eiriksdottir.


  • Daily Pavilion Coordinators: Lord Hamish McPhersone and Countess Judith of Northumbria
  • Schedule Coordinator: Lord Wilhelm of Northpass
  • Music Coordinator: Master Aaron Drummond (recently not pregnant)
    • Deputy Music Coordinator: Master Albrecht Catsprey (not recently pregnant)
  • Web Minister: Master Gregory Blount
  • Publicity Coordinator: Lady Lorita de Sienna
  • Ministers of Mischief & Merriment: Lord Ari Thorbrandsson and Lady Jane Milford


As usual, please volunteer to teach clases on Thing. The deadline for submitting classes is May 1st, so don't delay! We will have a link to the dance classes as soon as the schedule is organized.

Revels and Socials

This year's theme is Beasts & Birds! Whether you prefer to dance Tesara with Tygers, or Dargason with Dragons, come join in the fun! We are planning balls, revels, merriments, and socials throughout the war. Check the main schedule in the dance tent for updates. There will also be the annual faculty social for all staff, teachers, revel hosts, musicians and dancers. Come meet your fellows over refreshments, and get to know the people who make dance happen at Pennsic.

Ball Schedule

  • Friday, Aug 3, 9:00pm-midnight, Flamingo Ball hosted by Flamingo Bluff
  • Saturday, Aug 4, 9:00pm-midnight, Early Bird Ball hosted by Baroness Gwenllyen the Minstrel and THL Siri Toivosdotter
  • Sunday, Aug 5, 8:00pm-11:00pm, Beginner's Ball hosted by Master Philip White and Master Albrecht (Avatar) Catsprey (@Great Hall)
  • Monday, Aug 6, 9:00pm-midnight, Choral Ball hosted by Master James Blackcloak and THL Siri Toivosdottir
  • Tuesday, Aug 7, 9:00 pm-midnight, Feast of the Phoenix Ball hosted by Countess Judith of Northumbria (Music: Istanpitta)
  • Wednesday, Aug 8, 1:00pm-3:00pm, Dancing at the Casa (@Casa Bardicci) (Music: Ensemble Tramontana)
  • Thursday, Aug 9, 9:00am-11:00am, Children's Revel hosted by Lord Wilhelm of Northpass
  • also Thursday, 9:00 pm-midnight, Dance Games Night hosted by Master Gregory Blount

Musicians and Music

Greetings to all those inspired to play music for dancing! There are many opportunities to play music for dancers at Pennsic. Musicians are needed and welcome to play most nights at the European Dance Tent in Pennsic University. During the day, many dance class teachers also welcome musicians to play for their classes. Music is provided. All skill levels of musicians and all acoustic instruments (period or modern) are welcome. Stop by the European Dance Tent for more information, including a schedule of activities that welcome dance musicians!

There will likely be a new Pennsic Pile released in the early summer, but if you'd like to start practicing early, here is a link to the Pennsic 46 Pile.

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