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The Pennsic 49 School of (European) Dance

and then some.
Come one, come all, and join with your friends to once again dance the days and nights away at the Pennsic War! We have many classes to sharpen your skills, and many balls to show them off at! Make new friends, learn a new dance or twelve, and most of all, have fun!


Inshallah, the Dean of Pennsic 49 Dance will be Master Gregory Blount, no matter what year it ends up happening.


Gregory is interested in new volunteers for a new year! Contact him at his official email to volunteer.

Not sure if you have useful skills? Ask anyway: we will make a job that fits what you can do, or what you want to learn!

  • Drop Dead: Countess Judith of Northumbria
  • Music Coordinator: Master Albrecht Catsprey
  • Web Minister: the aforesaid Gregory Blount


Thing is now accepting class and evening theme dancing proposals.

We're very interested in new teachers, and it's totally fine if you're nervous about volunteering... drop Gregory a line and we'll talk!

Revels and Socials

Volunteer to lead nightly dancing!

Musicians and Music

The music collection for Pennsic 49 will be superb, but won't be out until May 2022 or so.

Meanwhile, you can check out the 2019 Pennsic Pile (revision E.) You might find Aaron's Fakebook useful.

Ball Set Lists


Updated information will appear on this webpage, on our Facebook page, or you can email the Dean to request email updates.

Extra info

Previous Years

Check out the archive of previous Pennsic dance info.


Check out the archive of documents related to Dance at Pennsic. Not ISO-9001 compliant, but close enough for the SCA.

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