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The Pennsic 51 School of (European) Dance

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The Dean of Pennsic 51 Dance is THL Sonya Flicker, known to all as "Patches".


  • Drop Dead Deputy: Lady Mirabella Walmesley
  • Pavilion Coordinator & Trailer Coordinator: Lord Richard de Troyes
  • Pavilion Coordinator: Lord Robert of Guildford
  • Music Coordinator: Master Albrecht Catsprey
  • Web Minister: Master Gregory Blount
We will be recruiting additional staff at Pennsic. Many hands make light work!

New for Pennsic 51

We have two new projects for Pennsic 51: matching dance instructors with musicians and trying out the dance floor in the Middle Eastern dance tent.

Matching dance instructors and musicians: The deadline for requesting a musician to play during your class has passed. There are still opportunities to play for evening dancing.

Trying out a new dance floor: We are exploring for a new dance floor for Pennsic's European dance tent. We invite you to test one of the floor options in one of 3 classes in the Middle Eastern dance tent (near Mid-realm Royal and Pennsic Independent).

  • Friday, August 2, 16:00, European Dance Floor Testing Class, THL Darius the Dancer
  • Thursday, August 8, 13:00, Intermed. Eng. Country: Grimstock & Goddesses, Patches (THL Sonya Flicker)
  • Thursday, August 8, 16:00, Beginner Dance: Inns of Court, Rebecca da Firenze


The list of dance classes for Pennsic 51 is now available! The full class list is available on Thing. The deadline for submitting classes was June 1st, but there are a few open slots still left, or you can contact Patches to volunteer as a substitute teacher. Note that the classes in the Middle Eastern dance tent are highlighted in yellow. New this year, we have added columns for the level of the class (beginner, intermediate, etc.) and a column for the type of class (16th C Italian, Gresley, English Country, etc.).

Spreadsheet of dance classes

Changes after the book was printed:

  • Changed: Yoga for Fighters, Dancers and Everybody was from 8 to 9 am, now 7:30 to 9 am Sunday 7/28 to Thurs 8/8
  • Added: European Dance Reconstruction 101, Thurs Aug 8 at 4 pm
  • Added: Bizzarria d'Amore - The Strangeness of Love, Tues Aug 6, 10 am
  • Changed: English Country: Step Stately is now 1.5 hours

Revels and Socials

2100 = 9pm, 2000 = 8pm

Musicians and Music

Greetings to all those inspired to play music for dancing! There are many opportunities at Pennsic. Musicians are needed and are welcomed to play most nights at the European dance tent in Pennsic University. As noted above we are going to try to match musicians with dance instructors. This is completely voluntary. If you would like to play for a dance class or have live music for your dance class, please fill out this form.

All skill levels of musicians and all acoustic instruments (period or modern) are welcome. Please stop by the European dance tent for more information, including a schedule of activities that welcome dance musicians! We will be playing music arrangements from the Pennsic Pile 51 (2024). You might also find Aaron's Fakebook useful.

The balls that are "closed pit" i.e. not a pick-up band are the evening The Contessa's Red and Gold Ball, and the daytime An Enchanted Picnic.

Ball Set lists


Updated information will appear on this webpage, on our Facebook page, or you can email the Dean to request email updates.

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