Everything you ever wanted to know about

Dance at Pennsic 32

and then some.

[ The tent expanded from 60' to 80' this year. -- g]

The Pennsic 32 dance coordinator will be Gregory Blount (OL, PhD, etc), who can be emailed at lindahl@pbm.com.


Classes posted

Info about Pennsic dance classes is online.

We need one substitute teacher, for Monday Aug 11, 4pm "Beginning Dance".

The Bouffons class on Sat Aug 9 has been moved from 10am to 9am. There will be a replacement class for the 10am slot.

Evening Parties and Special Stuff in the Dance Tent

2 theme parties will be held on Sunday and Tuesday. Sunday's will be 15th Century Italian, and Tuesday's will be pre-1603 dancing.

Wolgemut will play in the Barn on Sunday.

An English Revel will be held Thursday night, which is the night that court in the Barn runs very late (11pm?).

An Evening of dancing devoted to English Measures and Country dances. Hosted by Lord Henry of Maldon, her grace Diana Alene, & Baron Hrolfr Hrafnson. Come enjoy a spirited exploration of the English tradition, with old measures and new country dances. All levels of dancers welcomed. Refreshments will be served.

2 Caroso Balls will be offered this year. Princess (soon to be Queen) Elena of Trimaris will preside at one Monday @ 6-7:30pm. The other will be Wednesday night at 9:30-11pm, run by Countess Mara.

Masked Ball

The Masked Ball will be held Friday night.

The dance list will be similar to previous years. Here's the compressed version:

Gathering Peascods (ECD), Rostiboli (15cI), Montarde (Arbeau), Vilanella (16cI), Parsons Farewell (ECD), Black Almain (English Measure), The Pinwheel Game (16cI), Horses' Branle (Arbeau), Ballo del Fiori (16cI), Official Bransle (Arbeau), Galliard (16c), Jenny Pluck Pears (ECD), Gelosia (15cI), Madam Cecilia Alman (English Measure), Gracca Amorosa (16cI), Hearts Ease/Rufty Tufty (suite) (ECD), Petit Riense (15cI), Lyonnaise Galliard (16c), A Pavane: Carolingian, or improvise (Arbeau), A Saltarello (15cI), New Boe Peep (ECD), Anello (15cI), Pease Bransle (Arbeau), Bizzaria d'amore (16cI), Picking of Sticks (ECD), Amoroso (15cI), more of the Pinwheel Game, Trenchmore (ECD), Washerwomans Bransle (Arbeau), Sellengers Round (ECD), Turkish Bransle (after the fashion of Arbeau), Black Nag (ECD), Petit Riense (15cI), Hyde Park (ECD).

Music Collection

The music collection will be mailed out in advance to musicians sending in their snail-mail addresses. Please contact Ocavio.

Mailing List

There's a mailing list for dance at Pennsic. To subscribe or look at the archive, check out this spiffy webpage.

Gregory Blount of Isenfir (Greg Lindahl) (lindahl@pbm.com)