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Dance at Pennsic 35

and then some.

The Pennsic 35 dance coordinator is Adele Desfontaines.



The schedule for classes and evening activities is available.

Evening Parties and Special Stuff in the Dance Tent

Full details in the schedule, but the short summary is:

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There's a mailing list for dance at Pennsic. To subscribe or look at the archive, check out this spiffy webpage.

Previous Years

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Party Announcements

A Celebration, part Deux

To all right trustworthy and noble gentles to whom these presents come, greetings. Let it be known that on Wednesday, the seventeenth day of August, being the second month of the reign of Michael and Moira, King and Queen of Drachenwald, there will be a celebration of the most blessed sacrament of marriage between the honourable lady Judith de Northumbria and the noble knight Gerhardt von Wuestenburg, count of the court of Drachenwald. This celebration will take place in none other than the much disputed city of Pennsic, in the Dance House of said town, commencing at the fall of darkness. That none should tire too quickly, the House of Wuestenburg will offer drink and sundry food and games in addition to the evening's primary festivity-dance! The new Lady of the house will entertain her guests in the time honoured tradition of dance from the courts of the Medicis, the Sforzas, the Lancasters, and the Hapsburgs (for the historically confused, fifteenth century dances only). The minstrels will endeavor to fulfill the desires of all and sundry, an they know the tune!

Ball Dance List

(same as Pennsic XXXIIII)

Set 1: Pavan & Galliard, Amoroso, Ly Bens, Branle Suite (Cassandra, Pinagay, Charlotte), Gracca Amorosa, Sellengers Round, Official Branle, Chirintana

Set 2: Caccia (Villanella), Rufty Tufty/Hearts Ease, Gelosia, Black Alman, Petit Vriens, Saltarello, Jenny Pluck Pears, Rostiboli, Scottish Branle

Set 3: Horses Branle, Villanella, Anello, Lauro, New Boe Peep, La Castellana, Piva, Gathering Peascods, Spagnoletto

Set 4: Aridan/Guerre Branles, Montarde branle, Black Nag, Madam Sosilia, Petit Vriens, Parsons Farewell

Gregory Blount of Isenfir (Greg Lindahl) (lindahl@pbm.com)