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Dance at Pennsic 38

and then some.

The Pennsic 38 dance coordinator is Princess Judith de Northumbria
(and Queen by Pennsic, that'll be a first!)


Greetings from Judith, Crown Princess of Drachenwald by the Grace of God!

This year I once more have the pleasure of leading activities in honor of the muse of dance, Terpsichore. There shall be a full range of classes scheduled in the Dance Pavilion, ranging from absolute beginner (everyday at 2pm and 3pm) to very advanced (see class book) -- there will be something for everyone who wishes to learn! We will also be offering wide variety of themed night-time revels in the dance pavilion open to everyone, even to those who do not wish to dance at all! This year's Grand Ball (in the barn) shall once more be taking place on Tuesday of War Week. Even if you have never tried dancing before, maybe this should be your year -- come by the Pavilion and give it a whirl!

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There's a mailing list for dance at Pennsic. To subscribe or look at the archive, check out this spiffy webpage.


Thanks to Gwommy, we also have a record of how many people danced every dance, and how many people attended every class and ball. Wow.

Evening Festivities

Saturday, August 1: An English Revel
Sunday, August 2: Beginners' Ball
Monday, August 3: River of Stars Ball (mostly pre-1603 dances)
Tuesday, August 4: Grand Ball (Barn)
Wednesday, August 5: Marketplace Parade (?)
Thursday, August 6: 15th Century Revel

Come one and all to the English Revel in the Dance Tent, on Saturday the 1st of August at 9:00 in the Evening, at which shall be done divers sorts of Dances that are known in England, to music by Istanpitta. Besides Dancing, we will, as the Bard says, "have a trifling foolish Banquet towards". Many of the Dances will have been taught beforehand by the Master of the Revels, Lord Henry of Maldon.

Sunday, August 2: The Beginners Ball is your opportunity to explore the joys of dance available to all. Please join us at Pennsic on Sunday August 2 at 9 pm, for a ball that is open to all levels of dancers. We will dance a lively assortment of dances from Bransles to English Country to dances from the Inns of Court to some easy Italian dances. Is all this meaningless to you? Don't worry as this is a 'teaching' ball. Beginners more than welcome. Music will be provided by an open band assembled at Pennsic. We welcome musicians to join us in our celebration. In addition, there will be light refreshments available. The refreshments are sponsored by the Barony of Storvik.

Monday August 3: Her Royal Majesty Eridani, the Celestial Queen of Trimaris, invites you to join together at the River of Stars Ball on Monday Evening at 9pm. There will be brilliant and comely dancers because you all will be there in attendance. Delightful music will accompany as provided by the finest musicians from across the lands as led by Baron Octavio de Flores. Baroness Mairi Celidh, a Laurel in the cooking arts, shall be tempting us with edible treats during those occasions when we pause to reflect upon the spectacle rather join the action. Honorable Lord Edwardus the Wise will be your dance master for the evening, a man who will convince you that dancing is the most desirable way to spend your night.

The set lists: Star Quality Starters Set: Ballo del Fiore, Black Alman, Belfiore, Gelosia, Petit Riens.

The Queen’s Easy Listening Favorites Set: Queen’s Alman, Anello, Amoroso, Black Nag, Rufty Tufty/Heart’s Ease.

The Master Octavio de Flores Set: Scottish Bransle, Newcastle, Danse de Cleves, Rostiboli Goioso, Bouree Valse to Tordion.

The I Love Pennsic Dance Set: Bizzaria de Amore, Contentezza de Amore, Graca Amorosa, Villanella, Bela Giosia.

The Late Night Wild Set: Chirantana, Gathering Peascods, Le Bens Dystonys (HRM Judith’s Version), Saltarello with abandon, Lorraine Alman.

Tuesday, August 4: The annual Grand Ball. Wear your finest and come ready to dance all night! (Barn)

Thursday, August 6: Upon the 6th of August, the feast of the Transfiguration, Judith, Queen of Drachenwald, invites all to revel in the dances from the courts of Burgundy, Lancaster and Sforza. Festivities shall begin around the ninth hour, with food and beverage for all.

Previous Years

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