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Greetings from Judith, by the Grace of God Countess of the Royal House of Drachenwald!

This year I once more have the pleasure of leading activities in honor of the muse of dance, Terpsichore. There shall be a full range of classes scheduled in the Dance Pavilion, ranging from absolute beginner (everyday at 10 am and 3pm - see schedule for details) to very advanced - there will be something for everyone who wishes to learn. We will also be offering wide variety of themed night-time revels in the dance pavilion open to everyone, even to those who do not wish to dance at all! This year's Grand Ball (in the barn) shall be a Color Ball, to whit the tinctures red and white (see ball information for further details), and it shall once more be taking place on Tuesday of War Week. Even if you have never tried dancing before, maybe this should be your year - visit the magical atmosphere of the redecorated Pavilion and give it a whirl!

Staff List

Head of European Dance: Lady Judith de Northumbria, Comtesse
Drop-dead deputy: Lorenzo Petrucci
Grande Ball Coordinator: the same lady Judith
Pavilion Floor Coordinator: Lord Darius the Dancer and Lady Lynette la Petite
Pennsic Pile: Master Octavio de Flores, good friend of Don Juan de Marco
Musician Wrangler: Lord Aaron Drummond
Website: Master Gregory Blount, Royal Peer Maker
Pennsic Dance Publicity: Lady Lorita

Class Schedule

Musicians in the Academy

Dancing is nothing without music, and live music transforms the experience. For this reason, we need musicians who are willing to share their time and skills. Lord Aaron, our Musician Wrangler, will be leading a series of rehearsals for musicians who would like to practice playing dance music during the day (Sun Aug 7 & Mon Aug 8, 2pm, at the Ampitheater.) We need musicians for nights of open dancing (see schedule) and for the Pennsic Ball on August 9th. There are also some teachers (like I) who prefer to teach classes using live music. If you are interested in providing music for a class, please contact me so that we can match you up with an appropriate class. We LOVE musicians!

Mailing List

There's a mailing list for dance at Pennsic. To subscribe or look at the archive, check out this spiffy webpage.

Evening Festivities

There will be special festivities and open dancing every evening while the floor is up. Please see below for additional details.

Beginners' Ball

The Beginners Ball, held on Sunday, August 7, is your opportunity to explore the joys of dance available to all. Please join us for a ball that is open to all levels of dancers (partners and fancy garb not necessary). We will dance a lively assortment of dances from Bransles to English Country to dances from the Inns of Court to some easy Italian dances. Is all this meaningless to you? Don't worry as this is a 'teaching' ball. Beginners more than welcome. Music will be provided by an open band assembled at Pennsic. We welcome musicians to join us in our celebration. In addition, there will be light refreshments available. The music will be provided by the Pennsic Open Band, led by Maugorn the Stray.

Set List:

Anachronistic Ball

Come all and one to experience the Joy of Dance at the Anachronistic Ball. We will gather and in turne will begin with a selection of the dances of 15th C Italy then proceed to those of Burgundy...as the hours pass so will the years as we travel in time and place. When we are done we will have danced Balli and Bransles, Cascarde and Country Dances, Basse danses and Galliards, Allemands and Baletti... all within their own groupings of time and place. All are welcome to join in this fete regardless of what century or place you come from. The music will be provided by the ensemble Musica sine Nomine.

Grand Ball

To all who read these words, may it be known that the Grand Ball, held in the barn of the town of Pennsic on Tuesday, August 9th of the 2011th year of the Incarnation, shall be a colour ball in the tradition of the court of Lord Phillip, Duke of Burgundy, Count of Charolais, etc., and that the colors shall be white and red to create a resplendent ambiance in the darkness of the evening. Don garments of one or both colors and come and dance away the evening! (the wearing of red and white is not a requirement for participation, merely an attempt to add flair to the proceedings).

Tentative list of dances:

Music will be provided by a combination of Musica sine Nomine, Wolgemut, and the Pennsic Open Band (led by Aaron Drummond.)

16th Century Revel

Come trip the light fantastic in 16th century splendor! From French bransles to Italian balli and early English almans, this ball will feature pleasing delights to entertain newer and experienced dancers alike. (Set list will be influenced by Caroso, Negri, Arbeau, and early versions of the Inns of Court documents). Hosted by Felice Debbage. Music will be provided by the Pennsic Open Band, led by Lady Jadwiga Krzyzanowska. Set List:

15th Century Revel

Upon Thursday, the 11th of August, Judith, Countess of the House of Drachenwald, invites all to celebrate the Feast of Assumption with revelry in the style of the courts of the Sforzas, Valois, and Lancasters. Music for dancing shall be provided by the ensemble known as Musica sine Nomine, and the gaming tables shall be open. Allow all of your senses to be satisfied! Festivities shall begin around the ninth hour, with food and beverage for all! Music will be provided by the ensemble known as Musica sine Nomine.

Set List:

Leoncello, Petite Rose, Anella, Gelosia, Rostiboli, Fia Guilemina, Saltarello, Piva, Chirintina, Amoroso, Marchesana, Vito di Cholino, Amours (basse danse), Danse de Cleves, Lauro, Gioliva (bassa danza music in 23 bars), Cupido (ditto), Gratioso, Pizochara, Colonesse, Lybens Dysonis, Petits Vriens

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