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Unto the dance community of Pennsic does THL Margherita Battistina send warmest greetings! It is with great honor that I lead the Pennsic School of European Dance this year.

Dance is a skill and activity that has long played an important role in Western society, having been used for exercise, as a prescription for various ailments, by political leaders to convey messages to their guests, and as a display of health, vigor, prestige, marriageability, artistism and wealth. This year, we are celebrating how dance fits is part of the bigger picture, both historically and in our Society.

From the first Tuesday through the second Thursday, there will be daytime classes covering all genres of dance and designed for dancers of all experience levels. In the evenings, we will offer dancing by request during the first week, and a series of balls that will offer something different and celebrate a different kingdom each night of the second week.

Mailing List

Updates and announcements about this year's Pennsic School of European Dance are being posted to both the mailing list and the Facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/PennsicDance). The mailing list subscription details and archive are available on this spiffy webpage.

Staff List

It is a great honor to be in charge of dancing this year, but I would not be able to accomplish anything without my capable staff:
  • Dean of Pennsic School of Dance: THL Margherita Battistina (Margaret Roe)
  • Deputy to the Dean: tbd
  • Dance Pavilion Floor Coordinator: Lord Connor Roe
  • Deputy Floor Coordinator: THL Darius the Dancer
  • Daily Dance Pavilion Coordinator (Steward): Lord Gwommy Arpad
  • Schedule Coordinator: Master Lorenzo Petrucci
  • Youth Dance Coordinator: open
  • Music Coordinator: Lord Aaron Drummond
  • Web Minister: Master Gregory Blount
  • Publicity Coordinator: Lady Lorita de Siena


We will have classes every day, from Tuesday, July 23 through Thursday, August 1. There will be two tracks this year: the Youth Track and the Beginner's Track. The Youth Track runs the first week at 11 a.m., leading up to the All Ages Revel on Saturday afternoon! The Beginner's Track runs both weeks of war, but it is moving back to the afternoons this year, at 2 and 3 p.m. In addition to the Track classes, we welcome all other European dance classes of the period!

The full schedule of Classes and European Dance Activities is available here.

Meet-the-Faculty Social

This year, the Pennsic School of European Dance will have a Meet-the-Faculty Social on Sunday, July 28 open to all dancers, as well as staff, teachers and revels hosts. This event provides an opportunity for students to meet this year's faculty and the people who make the Pennsic School of European Dance happen, in addition to providing another social opportunity for our faculty and experienced dancers. We encourage all to attend this event. Light refreshments will be provided and a group picture of all willing staff and teachers will be taken.

Musicians at Pennsic

There are many opportunities to play for dancers at Pennsic! Music will be provided at Pennsic, and will also be available in electronic form in early July.

All musicians are welcome to drop in during any open dance time! This includes Tuesday, July 23 through Friday, July 26 starting around 9:00 PM, and after the officially scheduled ball ends on all other nights.

Musicians are also needed to play for the following scheduled balls:

Come dance and enjoy the music at the other 4 balls: Cupid's Arrow, July 27, 9pm (Musica Sine Nomine); English Ball, July 29, 9pm (Peascod Gatherers); the Ulm Style Ball, July 31, noon (Istanpitta); and the 15th Century Ball, Aug 1st, 9pm (Musica Sine Nomine).

If you play an instrument but haven't played dance music in the SCA before (or just want a refresher) then come to the dance band practices! There are two practices scheduled:

Finally, many dance teachers welcome musicians to play for their classes. Just drop by the dance tent and see what's going on.

Evening Festivities

Open dancing will be offered during those evenings which precede Opening Ceremonies, and following the abbreviated ball on the evening of Midnight Madness. After Opening Ceremonies, the Dance Pavilion will offer a series of divers balls and revels, each in celebration of a different kingdom of our Society.

All Ages Revel

Dance and be merry. This is the perfect ball for children, beginners, and experts wanting to have fun. Dances will have just enough instruction to keep everyone on the right foot. All youth in attendance require a responsible adult to be present. (Music provided by an open band led by Rebecca bint Cariadoc.)

Cupid's Arrow

Celebrate already being under Cupid's spell or come see if you're his next target! There will be plenty of mixer dances for the singles, slow dances for romancing your partner, and quick, flirty dances for all. Between sets, enjoy the finest entertainment and refreshments AEthelmearc has to offer, including loving choral music and a comedic improv sketch about love. Romance abounds as Cupid lets loose his arrows! (Music provided by Musica Sine Nomine.)

Beginner Ball

The Beginner's Ball, held on Sunday, July 28, is your opportunity to explore the joys of dance available to all. Please join us for a ball that is open to all levels of dancers (partners and fancy garb not necessary). We will dance a lively assortment of dances from bransles to English Country to dances from the Inns of Court to some easy Italian dances. Is all this meaningless to you? Don't worry as this is a 'teaching' ball. Beginners more than welcome. Music will be provided by an open band assembled at Pennsic, led by Maugorn the Stray. We welcome musicians to join us in our celebration. In addition, there will be light refreshments available.

English Revel

Come dance your favorite English dances. From beginners to advanced, all are welcome as we dance the night away in true English fashion. (Music provided by the Peascod Gatherers.)

Grand Ball

The sets danced at the grand ball were: [ The Grand Ball started at 9:15 and finished at 12:18am. At the peak (Madam Cecilia) there were 86 people dancing. ]

A Ball in the Ulm Style

Her Majesty, Queen Eridani Aureus of Trimaris, invites you to a midday entertainment. The ball will be like one held in 1503 in the city of Ulm, with couples choosing the dances, starting with the highest ranking guests and going all the way down the line. As at any good party, refreshments will be served. (Music provided by Istanpitta.)

A Ball in the Style of Henri III, 1584-1585

Come experience a ball based on one given by Henri III of France in the late 16th century. The event will feature numerous improvisational dances, such as the pavan, allemand, galliard, lavolta, and bransle. The ball will also include Mistress Felice's annual galliard competition, with prizes for the winners, and will end relatively early to allow for additional open dancing. (Music will be an open band led by Master Avatar.)

15th-Century Ball

Judith, Countess of the House of Drachenwald, invites all to celebrate with revelry in the style of the courts of the Sforzas, Valois, and Yorks. Master Lorenzo Petrucci shall be the master of ceremonies; music for dancing shall be provided by a talented ensemble, and the gaming tables shall be open. Allow all of your senses to be satisfied! Festivities shall begin around the ninth hour, with food and beverage for all! (Music provided by Musica Sine Nomine.)

Possible dances for the evening:
Leoncello, Petite Rose, Anello, Gelosia, Rostiboli, Fia Guilemina, Saltarello, Piva, Chirintina, Amoroso, Marchesana, Vito di Cholino, Danse de Cleves, Lauro, Gioliva, Cupido, Pizochara, Lybens Dysonis, Orynge (Gaita version), Petits Vriens

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