A Summary of Dancing at Pennsic 19

... as remembered by Mistresss Rosina:

Believe dance was run by a committee. (I've heard that Master Tsvetan ran it for a few years previously, but he had just died.)

Ball = Thurs, Aug 16, 10 PM, after EK court. There was a power failure, and ball slow to get started. Power came on about half way through. There were about 20 dances done.

Classes ran from Mon Aug 13 to Sat Aug 18, total of 149 listed, located mostly in three class tents/areas, the bathhouse, and two areas in the barn, No teacher's names.

Dance classes:

Weds the newspaper carried an article on dancing at Pennsic, which occurred every night in the barn. It reported that the previous night there had been a practice session for the masked ball, with an 8 piece band (I can list the names if wish - included Tibicen). They were doing ECD, being taught by Lilias A'srath, Justin du Coeur, Elspeth Starwatcher and Nial McKennett. Also mentioned were Bjorn Skeggjason and Paul (I believe it was Paul the Simple) who I think taught in the evening that year.

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Gregory Blount of Isenfir (Greg Lindahl)