A Summary of Dancing at Pennsic 22

... as remembered by Mistresss Rosina:

Lord Guillaume de San Marino was in charge of dance, Lord Miklos Sandorfia was in charge of the music for dancing.

Tues was the Blue Feather Ball (as I recall an actual ball with dancing) Wed was a Renaissance ball, all pre-1600 - don't have a dance list, but included Petit Vriens. We didn't do Rostiboli until afterwards, I believe. Fri was the Playford Ball. The ball list was:

Classes were held Mon Aug 16 to Fri Aug 20. Most of the dance classes did not make it into the booklet.

Dance classes listed were:

Classes not listed in the booklet, but planned, included the following. (Info from my scribbled notes, so spelling and other details iffy):

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Gregory Blount of Isenfir (Greg Lindahl)