A Summary of Dancing at Pennsic 25

Pennsic 25 was the year that we used Phaedria's collection of dance music.

Details as remembered by Rosina and Jessa:

Company of St Michael had a ball (and helm show), Monday night, 8 PM, in the barn. It was to be all period. Baroness Jessa d'Avondale organized it. Dances I have listed were Danse de Cleves, Saltarello la Regina, Branles (Double, Cassandra, Pinagay, Charlotte), Galliard, Petit Vriens, Ballo del Fiore, Geloxia, Casuelle. It was short - not an all evening thing. Most of the fighters attenting did not dance. Music was provided by the East Kingdom Loud Band.

In the regular evening dancing I noted that Rostiboli was packed! I think this was the year it finally took off, with a critical mass of people present who knew it.

Thursday night was to be the period ball, but there was a big storm, and Duke Randal of the Dark of the East got up and announced that the ball was canceled as the barn was needed as a refugee station. I don't know if this was an official pronouncement or if he was taking it upon himself to make the decision. Refugee station usually means a lot of people hanging out in the barn talking until the rain lets up, anyhow. It wasn't a spectacularly bad storm, as I recall. Anyhow, I went away, but it turns out lots of dancing did happen. I heard from one woman, who's name I've forgotten, but she attended for years with her family, that she had wondered who these refugees were that they were supposed to be quiet and not waken, so she looked in the back where there were a few people sleeping, and realized they were her younger siblings! She wasn't going to not dance for her own siblings! (Who probably didn't wake anyhow - the ball didn't tend to have much louder than recorders, and the kids were already used to sleeping at Pennsic.)

The ball was Friday, starting with the masque of 'A Dispute Between Comedy and Tragedy as to which is Greater'. The dances in it, which people could take part in, but were not taught, were: Gathering Peascods, War B, Rostiboli, Maiden Lane, Gelosia, Petit Vriens, Hearts Ease, Horses B, Pavan, Official B. After that came other dancing, but I do not have the list for that, only that it included Rostiboli, Gelosia, Petit Vriens, HitW (18 repeats, each cost 5$), and a random branle suite played by Fehr Dudh the swarthy dulcian player.

15th C. Italian Balli for Beginners

An introduction to dance from Renaissance Italy focusing on basic moves and progressions. (1-3 Sun. Aug 11, Barn) Signore Onorevole Guiseppe Francesco da Borgia

15th C. Italian Balli—Repertoire

This class requires some previous experience in this dance style, as the basics will, at most, only be briefly reviewed. The class will cover 6 to 8 of the less common balli. (1-3 Tues. Aug 13, Barn) Mistress Rosina del Bosco Chiaro

15th C. Italian Balli—Style

This class will go over the steps and teach 4 or 5 dances. It is open to beginners but is more intense than the introductory class. It will focus on style, improvisation, partner interaction and similar topics. (1-3 Mon. Aug 12, Barn) Mistress Rosina del Bosco Chiaro

Classical North Indian Hands and Arms

Accent your dance with expressive North Indian hand and arm movements. (3-4 Mon. Aug 12, Middle Eastern) Amber Blackwood

Comparative Anatomy of Fossil Dances

This course will concentrate on how to use the techniques of comparative choreographic analysis to make startling and satisfying discoveries. Participants should bring their open minds and a willingness to accept that the oddest things can be lying right under their noses. An understanding of what a period dance is, might also help but given a willingness to lean we can overcome lapses in knowledge and prior experience. (12-2 Wed. Aug 14, Barn) Master Sion Andreas o Wynedd & Dougal MacFinlay

English Country Dances

Covered will be some of the more advanced dances from the Playford repertoire such as: Step Stately, Whirligig and Newcastle, depending on time available and the interests of the participants. (2-4 Tues. Aug 13, Barn) Fred Blonder

Progressive Country Dances 

(1-3 Fri. Aug 16 Barn) Lord Henry of Maldon

Three Original Dances

This class is a memorial for a dancer that passed away last year, but not before he developed three original dances for the A&S Original Choreography competition for the MK Spring, AS XXX, Crown event. These dances will be taught, (4-6 Sun. Aug 11, Barn) Limit 18. Dominic Durrant

Traditional Folk Dances

This class would emphasize dance traditions that don’t seem to have been strongly influenced by post-period dance fashions. (1-3 Thurs. Aug 15, Barn) Lord Henry of Maldon

Veni, Vidi, Coranti

This class will present one person's opinion of why he thinks this is how the coranto was done and why. Students will dance by the end of the class. Wear dancing clothes & shoes and have stretched before the class. (12-1 Mon. Aug 12, Barn) Master Sian Andreas o Wynedd

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