A Summary of Dancing at Pennsic 29

Pennsic 29 was the first year of the Dance Tent... no floor until Pennsic 30.

Details remembered by Rosina:

Masked ball was scheduled for Tues, Aug 15, 9PM. It actually started at 9:10, and ended @ 11:50

A Baletto and Sciolta from Caroso

Learn to dance Contentezza d’Amore, a balletto and sciota from Caroso’s Il Ballarino book published in 1580. One of Lochac’s most popular dances, so here’s your chance to learn it before the Known World Dance Symposium in 2005! Fairly complex, but low energy level. (8/17/00, 2-3 PM) Delbert von Strassburg

Assemble for Field Trip to Masked Ball

See “Children & Youth”

Caroso-Style Ball

This ball is an attempt to recreate the sort of ball implied by the descriptions in the etiquette sections of Caroso’s “Nobilta’ di Dame”, which is a dance manual published in Italy in 1600. See longer description elsewhere in the booklet. (8/18/00, 2-4 PM) Pennsic Dancemasters

Contrapasso in a Circle

This is an easy (yes, really!) 16th-century Italian dance from Caroso’s Nobilita di Dame. It’s for a circle of couples, “as many as will,” and looks a lot like a somewhat-fancy English country dance. Beginners welcome. The steps are all easy, the tempo is moderate, and the music is pretty. (8/16/00, 3-4 PM) Mara Kolarova

Cruel Parting and Reunion

An intensive introduction to 15th-century Italian Bassadanza. No previous experience needed. Dances probably include Pazienza, Lauro, Riunione, Partitia Crudele and Coronita Gentile. (8/10/00, 11 AM – 1 PM) Rosina del Bosco Chiaro

Dances for the Masked Ball

Come learn a variety of dances that will be played at the Masked Ball. Get ready to amaze your friends (and partners) by knowing everything we’re going to dance! (8/14/00, 2-4 PM; 8/15/00, 2-4 PM) Pennsic Dancemasters

Fifteenth-Century Dance Workshop

Focuses on step work, placement and dancer interaction. COME WARMED UP. One dance may be taught, but the goal will not be learning a choreography. No previous 15th-century dance experience needed, but class is not geared toward beginners. (8/11/00, 11-noon) Rosina del Bosco Chiaro

Fifteenth-Century Italian Dances: Another Tradition

Two 15th-century Italian dances (Lauro and Leoncello Vecchio), based on reconstructions done by Dr. Ingrid Brainard. The15th-century sources are ambiguous, so various researchers have differing interpretations. These steps look somewhat different from those spreading through the Society in recent years. Beginners welcome. (8/15/00, 1-2 PM) Mara Kolarova

Foot It Fairly

Once upon a time there was an innocent, unassuming little dance form we now call the English Country Dance. Eventually it came to the notice of the Queen and her Court. They took it home, fed it up, and added some laces and bows. It became the Darling of the Realm, and the dance world would never the same. We will experiment with those laces and bow, adding Italian ornaments and steps to four country dances that we already know in the “walked” form. (8/14/00, 11 AM – 12:30 PM; 8/18/00, 11 AM – 12:30 PM) Sion Andreas o Wynedd

Galliards, Galliards, and More Galliards

A rotating track (through 8/18) of galliard classes, concentrating first on basic galliards, followed by variations, including La Volta (the dance Elizabeth and Dudley did in the movie), Kick-the-tassel, and others. Not very complex; energy level is moderate to high. (8/14/00, 10-11 AM; 8/15/00, 10-11 AM; 8/16/00, 10-11 AM; 8/17/00, 10-11AM; 8/18/00, 10-11 AM) Delbert von Strassburg, co-taught with Nathan Kronenfeld.

Gems Out of Burgundy

Yeah, yeah, we all know those swanky Italian balli now, but what is that Man-of-the-Hour, Charles the Bold, dancing? Class covers two basse danses of domestic vintage and a ballo stolen from Italian courtiers, artfully reshaped to fit decorous northern modes of dancing: Casuelle Nouvelle, Orleans, and Roti Boully Joyeaulx. (8/13/00, 5-6:30 PM; 8/16/00, 11 AM-12:30 PM) Sion Andreas o Wynedd

Gracca Amorosa

Lively (aerobic) 16th-century dance by Caroso, intermediate level. You should be familiar with 16th-century Italian dance steps. (8/12/00, 1-2 PM; 8/17/00, 11-noon) Alina of Foxwood

How to Dance Like a Picky Purist: Part 1

Learn the correct (in the teacher’s humble opinion) way to do selected country dances. Each class includes a little analysis of the Playford instructions. Part I consists of “round dances.” (8/12/00, 10-noon) Henry of Maldon

How to Dance Like a Picky Purist: Part 2

See listing for 8/ 12. This session covers “longways dances.”  (8/13/00, 10-noon) Henry of Maldon

Il Canario/Negri 1602

A reconstruction of Negri ’s most complicated dance. Not for the faint-hearted; quite long and taxing, but not athletic. (8/13/00, 11 AM – 2 PM) Delbert von Strassburg , co-taught with Lady Mordecaia Maria del Sol

Introduction to Dance

European dancing for the beginner. Each session (through 8/18) covers a new set of dances. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never danced before or have two left feet. Topics include English country dance, bransles, pavanes, almains, Italian dance, and anything else our minds can cook up. (8/9/00, 4-5 PM; 8/10/00, 4-5 PM; 8/11/00, 4-5 PM; 8/12/00, 4-5 PM; 8/13/00, 4-5 PM; 8/14/00, 4-5 PM; 8/15/00, 4-5 PM; 8/16/00, 4-5 PM; 8/17/00, 4-5 PM; 8/18/00, 1:00 PM) Pennsic Dancemasters

Joy and the Wayward Nun

An intensive introduction to 15th-century Italian Balli. No previous experience needed. Dances probably include Rostiboli, Gioioso, Colonesse, Pizocara, Jupiter and Fiore de Vertu. (8/9/00, 11 AM – 1 PM) Rosina del Bosco Chiaro

Masked Ball

“Tygers and Dragons and Bears”. Come as your favorite animal, heraldic or not. Dances will not be taught but you will find many old favorites. Dances will be taught in classes on Monday and Tuesday. Come dance the night away at the Masked Ball! All are welcome, from beginners to dance junkies. Come to the Bam to help us make magic in costume and mask as we dance till we wear out the musicians (or they wear us out!). (8/15/00, 9-midnight) Pennsic Dancemasters

Morris Dancing and Mummer’s Plays

The life and times of an ancient English form of dance and of an equally old paganistic and life-celebrating style of play. Includes contact information on modern Morris troupes. (8/13/00, 1-2 PM) Aurora of Colderwild

Naughty Courtly Dances

Some fun and easy courtly dances whose figures go a bit beyond flirtation.  (8/12/00, 2-4 PM; 8/17/00, 11 AM – 1 PM) Henry of Maldon

Teaching Techniques for Dancemasters

Ideas for teaching dance effectively in the Society. Covers specifics of teaching movements used in Renaissance dancing, plus methods for managing a dance practice and a group’s dance repertoire. (8/ 18/00, 1-2:30 PM) Mara Kolarova

Tesara I

Tesara is a 15th-century Italian performance dance. COME WARMED UP, and bring a scarf about 8"x44" if possible. This is the first of three sessions (see 8/12 and 8/ 1 3) and open to beginners. All steps will be taught. The goal of the three sessions will be to teach the dance to the level that it can be done without calling. (8/11/00, 12-1 PM) Rosina del Bosco Chiaro

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