A Summary of Dancing at Pennsic 31

As usual, we had nightly dancing in the Barn, and a Masked Ball, this year on Tuesday evening of war week.

All classes were held in the dance tent on our wonderful plywood floor, which also was used for hosting 2 evening parties (an English Revel on Sunday, and a pre-1600 party on Thursday), and 2 Caroso balls. Classes included a second beginner track, this one with 1 style of dance per day. There were 4 pre-ball preparation classes, 2 hours each. The full classlist is online.

One of the two Caroso Balls was a Real Caroso Ball, the first one that I've ever heard of. It was reasonably fun but not great, with the main lesson learned being that we need to work harder to make sure that reconstructed dances have freely-copyable sheet music.

Dance music was not mailed out in advance this year.


See photos by Lowrie and Del.

Dance List for the Masked Ball

Pennsic XXXI Masked Ball Dance List

Gathering Peascods (ECD)
Rostiboli (15cI)
Montarde (Arbeau)
Gracca Amorosa (16cI)
Parsons Farewell (ECD)
Black Almain (English Measure)
The Pinwheel Game (16cI)
Horses' Branle (Arbeau)

Break: Ballo del Fiori (16cI)

Official Bransle (Arbeau)
Galliard (16c)
Jenny Pluck Pears (ECD)
Gelosia (15cI)
Madam Cecilia Alman (English Measure)
Contentezza d'Amore (16cI)
Hearts Ease/Rufty Tufty (suite) (ECD)
Petit Riense (15cI)

Break: Lyonnaise Galliard

A Pavane: Carolingian, or improvise (Arbeau)
A Saltarello (15cI)
New Boe Peep (ECD)
Anello (15cI)
Pease Bransle (Arbeau)
Bizzaria d'amore (16cI)
Picking of Sticks (ECD)
Amoroso (15cI)

The Band Begins Turning Into Pumpkins

Break: more of the Pinwheel Game

Trenchmore (ECD)
Washerwomans Bransle (Arbeau)
Sellengers Round (ECD)
Turkish Bransle (after the fashion of Arbeau)
Black Nag (ECD)
Petit Riense (15cI) (now that it's less crowded)
Hyde Park (ECD)

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