Pennsic 33 European Dance

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The Pennsic 33 European Dance Coordinator is Don Lyev Davidovitch.

Drop-dead Deputy: THL Judith of Northumbria
Musician liaison: HL Octavio de Flores
Pennsic Pile: Dame Elsbeth Anne Roth
Dance Floor Assembly Coordinator: Signore Domenico Barbiere da Mantova
Floor Assembly Assistant: Margaret de May
Venerable Sage of Ancient Dance Floor Lore: HL Filip of the Marche
Sage in training: THL Adele Desfontaines

A Letter from Lyev:

Greetings from Don Lyev Davidovitch, Coordinator of Western Dance at Pennsic 33. This Pennsic there will be much in the way of dance classes, special balls, and of course evening dancing! If you are a musician and are interested in helping play for evening dancing or the Pennsic Ball, we would like to send you music in advance. Please send requests to: HL Octavio de Flores

Common Questions About Pennsic Dance:

  • Where is it?
    During the daytime and some evenings, we yet again have the use of a dance tent with a beautiful parquet floor. The tent is at the southeast end of the A&S area. Floor assembly is on the first Wednesday, and disassembly is after classes on the final Friday. All help and especially power drills are very much appreciated! For evening dance at other times and for post-midnight open dancing, we are in the barn.

  • Will the dances be taught?
    During evening dancing, a variety of dances will be done. Some will have a walk-through for the dancers, some will just have a quick talk-through (to remind dancers who might need a refresher), and the more elaborate dances won't be taught at all. During the balls, including the Pennsic Ball, almost no dances will be taught. But the dances that are likely to be on the schedules are taught either in the beginners classes or others during the day.

  • When is it?
    Classes are usually 10am-5pm or so. The Pennsic Ball is tentatively on the second Tuesday in the barn starting 30 minutes after court ends. Evening dance starts at 9pm, and runs until about midnight. Any dancers who wish are welcome to dance in the barn past midnight.

  • What is the Pennsic Ball? Do I need to have a masque?
    If you wish to wear a masque, please do so, but you don't need one. It is a large dance gathering that draws over 200 people. The tentative playlist for the ball is as follows:
    15c Italian dances: Rostiboli, Petit Riense, Gelosia, Anello, Belfiore, Lauro
    16c Italian dances: Gracca Amoroso, Caccia d'Amore (pinwheel part 4), Bizzaria d'Amore, Lo Spagnoletto, Laccio, Ballo del Fiore
    16c English: Ly Bens Distonys, Black Alman, Madam Sosilia's Alman
    16c French: Pavan to Belle Qui, Galliard (la fatigue), Toss the Duchess (SCA Branle de l'Official), Horses Branle, Branle Suite
    17c English: Jenny Pluck Pears, Hearts Ease, Rufty Tufty, Hyde Park, Newcastle, New Boe Peep, Black Nag, Gathering Peasecods

  • Do I need to bring a partner?
    No, there are plenty of dancers each evening who would enjoy sharing a dance with someone new, so don't be shy. In period, both men and women were expected to ask people to dance.

    I look forward to seeing many familiar and new faces on the dance floor this year!