Unto the most noble subjects of the eighteen kingdoms do I, Judith de Northumbria, honourable ladye of the court of Drachenwald, recommend me.

This year, the good Don Lyev has given me to the enjoyable task of coordination for the Grand Ball that will take place in the fair city of Pennsic this summer. Herewith I am providing a tentative list of dances for the ball. As I ardently desire that the festivities find favour with all particpants, I invite all potential participants to make suggestions for the Ball's Play List. As time will be somewhat limited, I will be unable to honour all requests, but I will endeavor to arrange an evening enjoyable to all.

For our dancing pleasure, the most noble Meastro Octavio de Flores will be leading the best musicians in the eighteen kingdoms, that our step may never lose its rhythm; the muses of dance and music are, after all, the closest of sisters.

Any questions can be directed to the following location: judithsca_at_aol_dot_com. (make sure you change the _at_ and _dot_ when you send mail)

I remain your loyal servant,
Judith de Northumbria, etc.

  • What is the Pennsic Ball? Is it a masked ball, do I need to have a mask?
  • What Dances will be done at the Pennsic Ball?