Common Questions About Pennsic Dance

Where is it?

During the daytime and evenings, we yet again have the use of a dance pavillionwith a feet-friendly wooden floor. There is either open dancing or themed dance parties in the evenings. All are welcome to the parties, so bring a friend! Sometimes there are games and refreshments at the parties, for those that just want to do the period practice of schmoozing with friends and watching the revels.

An alternative location for evening dancing is the Barn. The full schedule will appear in the onsite booklet (and on the main dance webpage in the near future).

The dance tent is at the southeast end of the A&S area. Floor assembly is on the initial Monday through Wednesday (July 30) at noon, and disassembly is after classes on the final Friday (Aug 8, around 3pm). All help and especially power drills and screwdrivers are very much appreciated!

Will the dances be taught?

During evening dancing, a variety of dances will be done. Some will have a walk-through for the dancers, some will just have a quick talk-through (to remind dancers who might need a refresher), and the more elaborate dances won't be taught at all. At the Beginner Ball, all of the dances will be taught. During the other balls, including the Grand Pennsic Ball, almost no dances will be taught. But the dances that are likely to be on the schedules are taught either in the beginner's classes or in other classes during the day.

When is it?

Classes are 10am--8pm, starting Land Grab Thursday, and ending War Week Friday. Beginner classes are held each day at 2pm and 3pm. Ball prep classes will be held starting at 5pm for beginners and at 6pm for advanced dancers.

Evening dance starts in th Dance Tent at 9pm sharp, and runs until after midnight -- for the first time we have permission to continue dancing until late in the Tent, as long as we're quiet.

What is the Grand Pennsic Ball?

It is a large dance gathering that draws over 200 people. The date for the Grand Pennsic Ball will be Tuesday, August 5th, and the list of dances is on the main dance webpage.

This year's theme shall be a colour ball in the tradition of the court of Burgundy; if you wish, please come wearing something in either gold or red.

Do I need to bring a partner?

No, there are plenty of dancers each evening who would enjoy sharing a dance with someone new, so don't be shy. In period, both men and women were expected to ask people to dance. This year, try to ask someone you've never danced with!

I'm a musician interested in playing for dance - can I get the music sent to me?

For musicians interested in playing for evening dance or the Pennsic Ball, please contact the Musican Coordinator, Master Octavio de Flores, for advance copies of the music. Though we encourage period instruments, there is a place for everyone that plays. We will host an orientation session for new musicians; check the class schedule. For information, contact Master Octavio, mka: Jay Ter louw, 2020 Ox Bottom Road, Tallahassee, FL 32312, or via e-mail,

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