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Unto one and all does Master Lorenzo Petrucci extend greetings and an invitation to dance at Pennsic!

For all the years I have been attending Pennsic, the thing that has kept me coming back time and time again is the dancing, and the community that gathers each year to share their knowledge and spread the joy. There will be classes all day from the first Wednesday of War through Friday of War Week, covering everything from the very basics of dance to the most elaborate choreographies and latest scholarship. Every evening will also feature festive revels until the late hours, each with a different theme and dance list.

Staff List

It is a great honor to be in charge of dancing this year, but I would not be able to accomplish anything without my capable staff:
  • Pavilion Floor Coordinator: THL Darius the Dancer and Lady Lynette la Petite
  • Music Coordinator: Lord Aaron Drummond
  • Website: Master Gregory Blount
  • Pennsic Dance Publicity: Lady Lorita


We will have classes every day, starting Wednesday, August 1, at 10am.

See the class list (formerly here)

Musicians at Pennsic

The War attracts the most puissant warriors, the finest artisans, and the most elite of nobility. Each year also sees the assembly of the most talented musicians of the Known World, for which those who dance are ever grateful. Lord Aaron Drummond is in charge of both sheet music (the Pennsic Pile) and managing musical personnel this year. He will be leading rehearsals Aug. 5-7 in the Amphitheater, and hosting a round table discussion on the contents of the Pennsic Pile during the latter part of War Week. More details will be posted as they become available.

All musicians are welcome to play in the evenings for open dancing (during the first week) and for the Beginner's Ball and Grand Ball during War Week. Many teachers will also welcome live music to accompany their classes, so if you are interested in assisting please contact me or the teacher of the class you would like to play for.

Mailing List

There is a mailing list dedicated to dance at Pennsic. To subscribe or look at the archive, check out this spiffy webpage.

Evening Festivities

Each evening will feature a revel in a different style. Come join us in the Dance Pavillion to do your favorite dances, or to try something new.

All Ages Revel

If you like to dance, but can't stay up late enough to attend the evening revels, come to the Dance Pavilion at 5pm Saturday afternoon for the All Ages Revel. The set list will consist of dances suitable for dancers of any age -- adult supervision required for those under 12. Every dance will be taught.

Beginners' Ball

The Beginners Ball, held on Sunday, August 5, is your opportunity to explore the joys of dance available to all. Please join us for a ball that is open to all levels of dancers (partners and fancy clothes not necessary). We will dance a lively assortment of dances from Bransles to English Country to dances from the Inns of Court to some easy Italian dances. Is all this meaningless to you? Don't worry as this is a 'teaching' ball. Beginners are more than welcome. Music will be provided by an open band assembled at Pennsic. We welcome musicians to join us in our celebration. In addition, there will be light refreshments available. (Note also the 'Ball Prep' classes for this ball, held at 7pm Saturday and 6pm Sunday!)

Set List:

Anachronistic Ball

Come all and one to enjoy the Terpsichorean spirit at the second Anachronistic Ball, to be held Monday evening! We will reunite the rolling genres as was enjoyed Pennsic last and so will begin with a selection of the dances of 15th C Italy then proceed to those of Burgundy... as the hours pass so will the years as we travel in time and place. When we are done we will have danced Balli and Bransles, Cascarde and Country Dances, Basse danses and Galliards, Allemands, Pavannes and Balletti... all within their own setting of time and place. We are hoping to provide the most artful melodies from these many lands. A smattering of humble fare will be provided for the quenching of thirst and the excitement of the palate. All are welcome to join in this fete regardless of what time or place from which you traveled.

The tentative ball list follows:

Grand Ball

On the evening of Tuesday, August 7, the barn will be transformed into the Pennsic Grand Ball. Come out in your finest attire and join the festivities on the dance floor. Music will be provided by talented musicians from every kingdom. Celebrate the fellowship of Pennsic on the dance floor all night long!

Tentative list of dances:

Dances will not be taught, but your neighbors will probably be happy to remind you how the dances go. Please note the 'Ball Prep' classes especially for the Grand Ball list of dances, held Monday and Tuesday at 6pm.

Music will be provided by the Pennsic Open Band(led by Aaron Drummond.)

Journey Through Time: A 16th Century Revel

Join Lady Margaret Roe and Lady Felice Debbage on Wednesday for a journey through the sixteenth century! Come enjoy live music, refreshments, and dances about how to travel, people to see and places to visit. Beginners and experienced dancers alike are welcome!

Mainly English Revel

Held Thursday, this is mainly an English dance with some bransles thrown in. The dances are beginner-friendly. Light refreshments will be served, generously sponsored by Green Lion Bay Canton. We will have an open band; all musicians will be heartily welcomed.

Please note the 'Ball Prep' class for this ball, held at 6pm, immediately before the ball.

Previous Years

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