Pennsic 43 School of (European) Dance Revels

This year, we have had more than a dozen people volunteer to host dance activities for the Pennsic School of European Dance. Thank you all for your fantastic ideas and hard work!

The tentative schedule is as follows:

SCA Dance History Ball

Please join us for the SCA Dance History Ball!

The SCA will soon celebrate 50 years. Help us remember those years through our favorite dances. We'll dance some of the old favorites and learn some new ones that may become our favorites. We'll tell some stories between the sets. The dance community has come a long way from folk dances to deciphering period manuscripts. Join us as we relive some of this history.

(Please note the 8pm start time - don't be late!)

Childrens' Ball

Dance and be merry! This is the perfect ball for children, beginners, and experts wanting to have fun. Dances will have just enough instruction to keep everyone on the right foot. All youth in attendance require a responsible adult to be present.

Dance Games

Come to an evening filled with games and dance! Games that are dances? Dances that are games? Games with dancers? Social, gamified dances! We'll have all that and more.

Flash Mob Meet in the Dance Pavilion at 2pm Sunday Aug 3 to practice; performance t.b.d

Dance Staff and Faculty Social

Everyone is invited to meet the faculty and staff who make the School of European Dance happen! Light refreshments will be provided and a group picture of all willing staff and teachers will be taken.

Beginners' Ball

Not a dancer? Or have two left feet? Then this is the ball for you! The Beginners' Ball lets you explore the joys of dance without needing any experience. This is a teaching ball, meaning every dance will be explained. And, like all the dance activities at Pennsic, you don't need to bring a partner! Music and light refreshments will be provided.

Dances will be: Amoroso, Annello, Belle Qui Pavane, Black Alman, Black Nag, Gathering Peascods, Gelosia, Half Hannikan, Hearts Ease, Horses Bransle, Jenny Pluck Pears, Lorayne Alman, Madame Sosilia’s Alman, Montard Bransle, New Bo Peep, Pease Bransle, Petit Vriens, Queens Alman, Official Bransle, Rostiboli Gioioso, Rufty Tufty, Sellenger’s Round, Upon a Summer’s Day, Washerwoman’s Bransle

Dancing Teens: A Revel for the Young and Fun!

You can dance if you want to - dancing is not only some of the most fun anyone can have in the SCA, but it is an activity anyone can do! This is the perfect ball for teens and anyone who wants to have fun. Dances will have enough instruction to get everyone on the dance floor. Light refreshments will be provided (yes, free food!). Music provided by an open band led by Baron Gebhard Rauten.

Grand Masked Ball

Don your finest clothing and a lovely mask and join us for a night of decadence, disguise and dancing! (masks admired, but not required) There will be music, light refreshments and plenty of dancing, and a prize for the attendee who best displays kingdom heraldry in your clothing. (Note: in the Dance Pavilion & on Monday this year!)

To Italy and Beyond

This ball will feature dances from around the Italian peninsula.

A Caroso Ball At Casa Bardicci

A Caroso Ball will be held in the ballroom of Casa Bardicci. Don't miss this opportunity to dance in the villa by the lake!

Dancing with the Pennsic Stars

This year, the Pennsic School of European Dance is celebrating the novice dancer! To highlight this is a Renaissance dance competition for novice dancers of noted rank and reputation within the Society for Creative Anachronism: Dancing with the Pennsic Stars.

Come out and watch the biggest and brightest stars of the SCA compete in a Renaissance dance competition! Each couple will consist of an experienced SCA dancer and an SCA "star" with little to no Renaissance dance experience. Contestants will perform dances from a variety of genres, competing for judge’s points and audience votes.

Music will be provided by Istanpitta.


It's Musicians VS Dancers, an all out, knock down, drag out fight to the finish!

Micha von Wolgemut leads the Musician's Pit so be prepared for some fun; it's musician's choice and anything goes as long as it's some form of "branles" or brawl.

Numerological Ball

The dances of each set, in alphabetical order, shall be:

In Pursuit of Playford

Please join us for a ball that is open to all levels of dancers (partners and fancy garb not necessary). We will focus on English Country Dances from John Playford's The English Dancing Master. We will enjoy dances at all levels, there will be dances appropriate for beginners as well as more challenging dances for advanced dancers. Music will be provided by an open band assembled at Pennsic. We welcome musicians to join us in our celebration. In addition, there will be light refreshments available.

Set List (As time allows): Sellengers Round, New Bo Peep, Black Nag, Gathering Peasecods, Rufty Tufty, Hearts Ease, Parson's Farewell, Chestnut, Picking Up Sticks, Upon A Summers Day, Hyde Park, Goddesses, Saint Martins, Grimstock, New Castle, Jenny Pluck Pears

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