There are up to six evenings available for dance parties, one of which is going to be the Pennsic Ball on the second Tuesday.

If you would like to propose/run a ball, please keep the following guidelines in mind:

First and foremost, the party should give the feel to the guests that they are actually at a ball in period. For alot of people, this is the most fun part of the SCA! Past ball-masters have provided food and side entertainment like period card games for the guests that aren't dancing. We would be very happy if the evening parties are something that we can bring our non-dancer friends, and have them feel that we are re-creating the atmosphere of a period party as closely as possible, even if they don't know any of the dances.

It is strongly suggested that the dances be from the specific country and time period of the party, for about the first two hours of it. For example, Italian 15th century balli probably would not be done at an English Inns of Court Revel in the 16th century (and visa-versa). Afterwards, post-revels of dances from all genres are encouraged. This way everybody gets to do a variety of dances at the post-revel."

It is requested that the person running the party also teach a ball-prep class so that the dancers could have a review of some of the dances that will be done."

You should submit your request directly to the Dance Coordinator at "dance_at_pennsicwar_dot_org" by May 1st.

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